Hi, my name is Davide and I am from Bolzano - Bozen, Alto Adige - Südtirol, Italy. I am an information technology lover. Discover my passions and skills on this website.
IT passions
I love programming. My favorite programming language is Java: features like object oriented, strong type checking, safe pointer are very powerful and productive. But I like other languages too: HTML5, Android, ... My other passion is software freedom. I most use only open source / free software on my computers.
  • Consulting: I have 15 years of experience in IT projects
  • Teaching: I can teach you how to use technologies and programming languages
  • Software development: I produce high quality software for website and mobile app, data exchange and databases
Job references
Last projects:
BIO web-services
CTS Einaudi
Android teaching
CTS Einaudi
Java teaching
Machine linking
Semantic web
Machine linking
DM Project
I am the creator/owner of this free/open source projects:
DM Eclipse Build/Save Plugin
code is run each time the source code is changed
converting data to java objects and vice versa
DM Web Framework
HTML5 interactive web pages
Contact & Social
My e-mail address:
Meet me at the following social groups: