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My favorite language is Java. I like to use object oriented architectures, strong type checking and safe dynamic object allocation. With this features I feel to produce safe and reliable code for me and my customers. As UI for my projects I use HTML5. But java does not work in a browser. I think that java would be better in a browser when you are developing a complex and high interactive application; when you like to create reusable components using inheritance, composition:

The projects

The goal of the DMJsJvm project is to discover a new way to make java code run in a browser. During the last years I have tried different ways: server side code and then google web toolkit. Now I like to try another way with new advantages. My idea is to implements a "javascript jvm". Unlike google web toolkit I don't read java source code. I read compiled bytecode. I have seen some framworks that already do that. But I like to make something different. My first goal is to make the framework very very simple to understand and use (and debug!). To achieve this I will implement only a subset of the java objects/methods that a "normal" developer uses; I will use javascript garbage collector, strings, arrays, exceptions instead of re-implementing it again, to drastically reduce complexity.

The Helloworld example

Others videos can be found in the youtube dmjsjvm channel
DM Project
I am the creator/owner of this free/open source projects:
converting data to java objects and vice versa
DM Web Framework
HTML5 interactive web pages
DM JsJvm
small and smart javascript jvm